Enter into one of our exciting martial art programs! Classes for all age groups, ages 4 and up! You are never too young or too old to make a positive change in your life! In shape or out of shape, we have the program for you! Improve balance, motivation, fitness, flexibility, and learn martial art life skills that can assist you in your daily life. Click on one of the programs to see which is the best for you!

Super Kids 6 and Under

Focus, concentration, positive attitude and improved listening skills.


Develop mind and body with increased concentration , confidence, strength and flexibility.
Classes for all ages and experience levels

Black Belt Club

A Higher level of training in weapons and grappling to prepare for black belt excellence.

Master Club

Advance special training in grappling, self defense, and weapons sparring.

General Academy

Black belt leadership and advanced training.

Leadership Programs

Develop skills to be a leader in life!

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