What is Sun Hang Do



Our name is a combination of three Korean words:

SUN – It means to be kind and good. To think worthwhile thoughts that expand the mind.
HANG – The word implies behaviour, actions, and conduct. The excellence of the physical part of the human being.
DO – The endless improvement of oneself. The combination of Sun and Hang as a way of life.

The Meaning of our Logo

Crane – represents loyalty, love and longevity.

Two Fists – represents a strong will. Together they are symbols of spiritual and physical power.

Red Circle – represents overwhelming passion and the burning desire to better oneself.

About Sun Hang Do

Sun Hang Do was developed from ancient Korean traditions and it has been merged into the martial arts of today’s world. It is the art of perfect balance born from the union of two dynamic opposites, the hardness of steel and the softness of water, one continuously moving and the other suddenly stopping, utilizing the full extent of mind and body working together in harmony. It is the combination of these last two elements, mental energy and physical power that is the essence of Sun Hang Do.

Sun Hang Do’s purpose is to allow the mind & body to become one with each other. When a person can achieve this harmony, they will lead a healthy and successful life.

Sun Hang Do teaches a positive “I can do it!” mental attitude. Students will increase energy and develop better mental control. This will improve relaxation and develop leadership skills to help focus on the tasks of today’s busy lifestyle.

Sun Hang Do training improves physical well-being through proper exercise, with a focus on breathing and food control. By following our proper stretching curriculum, students will be able to rehabilitate their physical problems.

Sun Hang Do’s techniques are a combination of both HARD and SOFT movements. All patterns, weapons and self defence are practiced with a focus on these two opposites, working together in harmony.


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