What does Sun Hang Do Teach?

The techniques of Sun Hang Do include blocking, punching, kicking, grappling and weapons. Sun Hang Do also uses the meridian line for the human body, its acupuncture points and the joints. All these techniques are organized and improved until a very high level of balance and skill is achieved. The goal of Sun Hang Do is a healthy body, mind and spirit.
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Hard Techniques: Sun Hang Do incorporates an incredible array of powerful and precise blocking, striking and kicking techniques. You will learn to effectively perform and apply these hard techniques in sparring, for board breaking and in self defense situations.

Soft Techniques: Sun Hang Do teaches soft-style movements which utilize the meridian line of the human body it’s pressure points and joints. You will learn incredibly effective self defense that involves throwing techniques, takedowns, grappling and joint manipulation.
Weapon Techniques: Sun Hang Do includes weapon training that will enlighten you to the advantages and skills we can harness through their use. Develop heightened focus and control from the disciplines of such weapons as short sticks, long staff and nunchakus.

Internal Power: Sun Hang Do trains you to improve proper breathing and relaxation. Through meditation you will improve your mental well-being and relieve stress. Through special breathing and stretching techniques you will build incredible internal power that will create a healthy mind and body. Experience the benefits that will remain with you for your entire life.

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