“To say that Sun Hang Do has changed our lives is an understatement—it has truly been our way of life for more than eight years. Jamie is about to test for his 4th Dan and achieve the goal of beginning his live sword training that he set when he was a white belt. Trish recently attended the Leadership Camp and was so inspired by the camaraderie of the Sun Hang Do family and so touched by the testimonials shared by other people at the camp that she has decided to start the Instructor Program in the New Year, before she tests for her 4th Dan as well. But, as exciting as these milestones are, we are happiest that our daughter Teagan has started her own training as a Super Kid! Seeing her excitement as she put her white belt on for the first time is something we won’t soon forget. Now Sun Hang Do is truly a family pursuit, uniting us in an activity we thoroughly enjoy, providing the tools to get through any challenge, improving our health and fitness, and bringing new friends into our lives. Life is always hectic and full of challenges, both big and small, but we have more than enough reasons to continue to make Sun Hang Do a priority. By doing so, we will all continue to meet our goals, individually and as a family.” - Trish, Jamie and Teagan Hall
“After a long period of sedentary time from the exercise (recreation) world, I decided that I should get back into a routine in the sports field. Due to hypertension, stress, arthritis and six decades of wear and tear on my body the sport(s) would have to be something that I could handle. I checked into Sun Hang Do and was impressed by their family first attitude, the energy level of the school and the encouragement from the instructor and his staff. My blood pressure has dropped in the short time that I have been doing this martial art and the stress of the business world is more manageable now.” - Dan Jay, age 60
“Sun Hang Do made me loud and strong, I’m not scared of anything.” - Katiana Muaffak, age 5
“I first joined the family class of Sun Hang Do in Sept 2006 with the intension of just getting some exercise and sharing time with my daughter. Just over a year later I am amazed at home we both have grown and become stronger. The Master, instructors and fellow members have shared their time and knowledge which I attribute to our growth. Every class is exhilarating! Sun Hang Do has fast become a way of life for both myself and daughter and we are grateful.” - Kandy Roga
“I have met such wonderful and generous people here at Sun Hang Do and I have learned that with the help of others, as well as with hard work and determination, we can achieve absolutely anything that we set our minds to.” - Kyle Mullen

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