Sun Hang Do is for You

Sun Hang Do is for everyone, we have great programs for children, teens and adults.

We start our children classes at age 4 years and up. Our goal is for the kids to start the class with a smile and finish with a bigger smile! With fun and challenging drills, each child will gain focus, self control, a positive attitude, and improve their listening skills.

shd Vancouver kid kick
Sun Hang Do is perfect for all ages
Teens will find the classes exciting and challenging, in a very positive atmosphere. Being your best means feeling your best and accomplishing more than you knew you were capable of.
Men and women will be energized by the great workout using a multitude of martial art techniques that will hone your body to its peak performance. Weight loss, fitness, flexibility, confidence, motivation and self defense – we have the program for you.
You will get to know yourself and should the situation arise, be able to defend yourself and help others. Anyone can easily learn and practice Sun Hang Do, eventually understanding and attaining a very high level of the martial art.

We have the right program for you!

COME VISIT ONE OF OUR MANY LOCATIONS  NEAR YOU AND TRY OUT SUN HANG DO FOR YOURSELF.  Click our TRIAL LESSON icon to request a FREE TRIAL LESSON so you can experience Sun Hang Do for yourself!

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