What is Sun Hang Do

Sun Hang Do was developed from ancient Korean traditions and it has been merged into the martial arts of today’s world. It is the art of perfect balance born from the union of two dynamic opposites, the hardness of steel and the softness of water, one continuously moving and the other suddenly stopping, utilizing the full extent of mind and body working together in harmony.

Sun Hang Do is for You

Sun Hang Do is for everyone, we have great programs for children, teens and adults.
We start our children classes at age 4 years and up. Our goal is for the kids to start the class with a smile and finish with a bigger smile! With fun and challenging drills, each child will gain focus, self control, a positive attitude, and improve their listening skills.

What Does Sun Hang Do Teach?

The techniques of Sun Hang Do include blocking, punching, kicking, grappling and weapons. Sun Hang Do also uses the meridian line for the human body, its acupuncture points and the joints. All these techniques are organized and improved until a very high level of balance and skill is achieved. The goal of Sun Hang Do is a healthy body, mind and spirit.

The Founder of Sun Hang Do

Grand Master Kang was born in Korea and has dedicated his life to the development and excellence of martial arts across the globe. From a young age he began studying and teaching martial arts and soon came to realize that each individual style had its own strengths and weaknesses.


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Black Belt Team Demo

Through their hard work and dedication, the Black Belt Demo Team displays the benefits of training in Sun Hang Do to audiences across the Lower Mainland.

Free Introduction

COME DOWN FOR A FREE TRIAL LESSON AT YOUR LOCAL SUN HANG DO SCHOOL!   Come down for a free trial lesson at your local Sun Hang Do School! We would love for you to come and experience Sun Hang Do for yourself. Please click here and register for your free trial lesson. No experience is necessary, just get ready to enjoy yourself and see what Sun Hang Do has to offer you.

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