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Our goal is to create life champions through the positive mental and physical development achieved through martial art training. Sun Hang Do is for children, teens, men and women and requires no previous experience to learn and enjoy.

The goal of Sun Hang Do is a healthy body, mind and spirit.  The name of Sun Hang Do is  three Korean words meaning:

SUN – In Korean it means to be good and kind, to think worthwhile thoughts that expand the mind. (Positive Mind)

HANG – In Korean the word implies action, behavior or conduct.  The excellence of the physical part of the human being. (Body)

DO – In Korean it means martial art, the endless improvement of oneself.  It is the combination of SUN and HANG (Positive Mind and Body) as a way of life.

It is our hope that this website will introduce you to Sun Hang Do and show what makes our martial art unique and right for you!

Sun Hang Do has many benefits to offer. People of all ages experience positive change such as improved focus and confidence, they become more disciplined and build a stronger and healthier body through our exciting martial art program.



Go visit our “FREE TRIAL LESSON” section on this website and register for a FREE TRIAL LESSON at one of our 5 locations.




Come and view our Championship Games at 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby.

12:00 noon Main Event, 8:00AM doors open, 9:00am Black Belts, 11:00am Jumping Front Kick Contest, 11:30am Color Belts  $5 admission at the door.


SUN HANG DO HAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTIES!   Find out more about our exciting Birthday Parties for your child. Click below to find out more.





SPONSOR thank you FOR WEBSITE 2015

Thank you to all our sponsors on our NEW SUN HANG DO 2015 CALENDAR AND INFORMATION BOOKLET!
Our new booklet is finished and is available at all our locations and will be given out throughout the year at our demonstrations and events throughout 2015. Please ask for one if you visit any of our 5 locations throughout BC.
If you wish to be a sponsor for our 2016 booklet, please visit any of our locations for information. You too can be a sponsor for as low as $170, you will receive a business card ad in our booklet and also have your business advertised in our sponsor link on our website.


SUN HANG DO 2015 CALENDAR and INFORMATION BOOKLET is available NOW! Thank you to all our 2015 Sun Hang Do Sponsors. Click the link ABOVE to find out more on our sponsors or how to be a sponsor for 2016!


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